Docker Basic Command

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Check Docker Info

Check Docker Version

docker version

check docker system info

docker info


search images

docker search image_name

download images

docker puch image_name

list images

docker images

delete one or more images

docker rmi image_name

show docker image history

docker history image_name

start container

run cmd “echo” in container and output “hello world”

docker run image_name echo "hello world"

login container tty

docker run -i -t image_name /bin/bash

install package in the container

docker run image_name apt-get install -y package-name

Check container

list all the running containers

docker ps

list all the containers include offline

docker ps -a 

list last time running container

docker ps -l

save modified container to a new image

docker commit ID new_image_name

container operations

delete all the containers

docker rm 'docker ps -a -q'

delete specific container

docker rm NAME/ID

start, stop, kill specific container

docker start NAME/ID
docker stop NAME/ID
docker kill NAME/ID

list the modified file or folder in the container

docker diff NAME/ID

check log of container

docker log NAME/ID

check process of the container

docker top NAME/ID

copy file from container to local path

docker cp NAME:/container_path local_path
docker cp ID:/container_path local_path

restar a running container

docker restart NAME/ID

attach container

docker attach ID

Save and load images

save image to a tar

docker save image_name -o file_path

load tar format image

docker load -i file_path

login registry server

docker login

publish an image

docker push new_image_name

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